Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Slint - Spiderland (1991)

Not much more needs to be said about the importance of this Louisville, KY band as far as their impact on Indie rock and Post-rock in particular. A band (and album) that has only continued to rise in the ranks of essential-must-hear-record status as years go by, they were mostly overlooked at the time (what with Grunge being all huge and everything). Slint may not have started the quiet-loud dynamic trend in Indie rock, but they at least made it a very convincing aesthetic choice. Same goes for speak/sing mumbling as vocal style. This record is certainly not for everyone, but those that dig off-kilter, angular rhythms, chilly atmospherics, deranged poetic ramblings, and occasional bursts of guitar noise will be, like, totally psyched. At the very least, it is worth hearing what all the fuss is about. I mean, you know they're historical importance is no joke when Spiderland's album cover has been featured in a Shins video.


music weasel said...

this is a great Album!!! love your blog.

cletus_buckley said...

Howdo, just in case you didn't know, a young Will Oldham took the cover photo. Just though i'd throw that out here.