Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Parts and Labor - Mapmaker (2007)

Well, I guess I kinda broke the Tiger Credo on this one. Luckily for anyone reading this, my moral decay (i.e. posting brand-spankin'-new album leaks) is your considerable gain. This really is an exciting new album from this Brooklyn trio. As on their last album, Stay Afraid, the P&L boys continue to carve out a unique Noise Rock niche for themselves. When looking for a comparison through the ol' lens of history, I can't help but think that these guys are like the Husker Du of their generation. They combine a well-tuned sense of melodicism with the highly energetic, reckless spirit of punk and hardcore. While Stay Afraid contained some fine songs and excellent playing, the album felt a bit rushed (which in fact, it was, as the band admitted in a recent interview). This time out, the guys were able to spend a little more time refining and tinkering, and it really pays off. The production is fuller and the band stretches their sound a little more. Opener, "Fractured Skies", even has a nice horn arrangement. I predict big (or at least bigger) things for this band in the coming year. Musically, I think a lot of people are adopting the idea that noise=good, and that means the time is about right for these boys to shine.

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