Friday, August 10, 2007

Jensen Sportag - S/T (2007)

Here's a little "Post Techno" for your morning commute. Jensen Sportag are an unsigned duo residing in Nashville, TN. The cover pretty much says it all. Keyboards, trashy 80's beats, post punk weirdness, and an arty sense of the absurd,  coalesce into a freaked-out batch of surprisingly catchy songs. This band even has a softer side reminiscent of the Junior Boys, as exhibited on "Just a Part of Me". Above all, Jensen Sportag seem to cherish a playful sense of humor. This is displayed prominently on the wildly divergent track "Dont Matter". The band starts of in their comfort zone, synth driven, hyperkinetic, melodic techno, and then branches off into southern rap, country, latin house, and 80's rock balladry, then returning to the dance beat from whence they came. It is a surprisingly enjoyable exercise in genre hopping.


Sophia said...

hey, I love your blog - it's varied and always quality.

However, I was wondering if it would be possible to upload to massmirror? A lot of people don't have rapidshare accounts and the one file limit is pretty annoying if I've missed a day or so.


Galen Summer said...

Hey Sophia - thanks for the comment. I realize a lot of people don't have Rapidshare accounts. I haven't gotten around to checking out massmirror. I'll see what I can do.