Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Index - s/t

Bring on the REVERB! This is a great, rare album I discovered recently. Check out the cover of the Supremes "Keep Me Hanging On", here known only as "Keep Me".


A haunting psychedelic oddity that's sort of a timewarp meeting place between the Byrds, Dick Dale, Hendrix, and the Velvet Underground. With their raw garage attack and over-the-top enthusiasm for feedback and wah-wah, the Index were very much of their time; with their brooding minimalism and savage, almost experimental electric guitar electronics, they sound oddly contemporary. Highlighted by the greatest cover of "Eight Miles High" ever attempted, and the closing instrumental bash of "Feedback," which is fierce psychedelic guitar distortion pushed to its white-noise limit. Look for the 1984 Voxx reissue, which, although itself hard to find these days, is still much easier to locate than the rarer-than-rare original (only two copies of which are known to exist).


Stream "You Keep Me"

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The Rising said...

this is really hard to find and an amazing record. thank you