Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Pastels - Truckload of Trouble

The review below pretty much says it all: these guys were incredibly influential. They inspired a host of indie rock luminaries from the late 80's early 90's. When was the last time you read a review that put My Bloody Valentine in the student seat, and not the the other way around? Influences and high-profile followers aside, the fact is that the music really stands up. I heard this for the first time this year, and I felt like I was hearing something fresh and new. Personal favorite, "Nothing to be Done", has the kind of tasty, Velvet Undergound-inspired, deadpan male/female vocals that Yo La Tengo would go on to perfect. The Yo La Tengo comparison is certainly fair, as the band covered the Pastels' "Speeding Motorcycle", one of the tracks presented here, on their Fakebook album.

ALLMUSIC.com Reviewby Tim DiGravina

Collecting most of the singles the Pastels released on Fire, A Truckload of Trouble: 1986-1993 is a fine introduction to any newcomer and a vital piece of any fan's collection. These songs see the Pastels at their shambolic best, whining guitars blazing and ringing, alternating slurred and dreamy vocals punctuating the finest ever C-86 tunes, and blending pop and punk in the most aesthetically sublime way. Throughout the album's running time, one can't help but marvel about the sheer number of bands these songs inspired, and repeat listens make it obvious that the Pastels were a stepping stone between so many great bands and styles. In bottling up and mixing potent influences like the Fall, the Ramones, the Smiths, and the Velvet Underground, they opened the door for further experimentation by offspring such as Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Magnetic Fields, Built to Spill, Beat Happening, and Belle & Sebastian. As steeped in the classics and as inspirational as these songs are, their most glaring attribute is just how catchy, raw, and invigorating they are. Though it covers periods of major lineup changes and rampant stylistic shifts, Truckload of Trouble is a cohesive listen from start to finish and a vital portrait of a band marching to the beat of different drum.


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Simon said...

"Speeding Motorcycle" isn't by The Pastels, it's a Daniel Johnston song.

Simon said...

I suppose I should take this up with Allmusic.com, but I also think it's a bit rich (if not ridiculous) to call Beat Happening offspring of The Pastels.

Galen Summer said...

Hey Simon. I didn't know "Speeding Motorcycle" was originally by Daniel Johnston. Not as familiar with his works as I should be, and have yet to see the Doc. I don't honestly hear much of the Pastels in Beat Happening either, but if Allmusic believes it then it must be so.

Truckload Of Trouble said...

Speeding Motorcycle is by Daniel Johnston!!

bobbysu said...

thank you very much