Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Flying Saucer Attack - s/t (1994)

So, you like dreamy, guitar-swirling, noise-laden, drone-y, vocals-buried-in-the-mix rock music? How about folk and psychedelia, perhaps a dash of Krautrock? This album is most definitely for you. The duo of David Pearce and Rachel Brook unleashed this fuzzed-out masterpiece in 1994, dubbing their sound "rural psychedelia". This ain't your garden variety 60's psych, though. This is more along the lines of My Bloody Valentine or The Jesus and Mary Chain. Fans of electronic artists like Fennesz, Tim Hecker, or Axolotl will want to check this out too, if they haven't already absorbed every feedback-drenched inch of it. Check out the Suede cover, "The Drowners". It's almost as though they just took the original and laid a pleasing film of noise over the entire thing. Other songs, such as "Popul Vuh 1", whose title is in fact a direct homage to the German band and frequent Werner herzog collaborators of the same name, shows the group's debt to their Krautrock forefathers. It is a ten minute-plus soundscape with rumbling hand percussion and eerie clarinet lines, that builds to a beat-less, droning, anti-climax. "The Season is Ours", a lovely acoustic guitar based ballad, brings the album to folk-y close. Of course, in fine FSA fashion, they see fit to ride out the song on a wave of electronic feedback. Essential re-listening for our times.


Curved Air said...

love love love this record. somewhere in my moving in the last 10 years I lost this one. super thx for the share!


Jan Karlo said...

I do much appreciate their work and very wonderful recording. Coming back from the past.
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